MGM Grand Station

monorail glides by exterior of the MGM Grand

Very Convenient To: MGM Grand and the Signature at MGM Grand

Somewhat Convenient To: Tropicana, New York New York

Not At All Convenient To: Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons, Hooters, Desert Rose

MGM Grand is huge and confusing and the first time you go to/from the MGM Grand Station you will probably end up going in circles and want to cry.

My MGM Grand Station Experience:
Oh, MGM Grand. Where do I begin? First off, there are two entrances to the MGM Grand Station. One is by the front lobby with the big lion statue- go down the escalator by Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. The other entrance is near The Underground, a corridor of shops and restaurants. How do these two entrances, seemingly miles apart, lead to the same monorail station? I have no idea, that is the mystery of the MGM Grand.

If you are wandering through the vast MGM Grand casino looking for a clue to where the monorail is, don’t bother. In my three days of wandering, I did not see a monorail sign anywhere in the actual casino. You’ll want to follow signs for Valet/Self Parking or for The Underground or for The District. That will get you headed in the right direction. Once you are walking through the Underground, you will finally see a sign or two for the monorail.

one of very few signs for the MGM Grand Station

Oh, sure. NOW you tell me, MGM Grand.

You are not out of the woods yet, however, because the entrance to the MGM Grand Station is through a teeny little hallway that is marked with a temporary sign:

MGM Grand Station is nearly impossible to find

Oh, wow. Okay. Thanks for that.

If you see the Sugar Factory, Pub 1842 or Blizz Frozen Yogurt, take heart, for you are very close!

If you are staying at the MGM, the South Tower is somewhat convenient to the monorail entrance near the front lobby. And The Signature and The North Tower are somewhat close to the monorail entrance by the Underground shops and restaurants. But expect a big learning curve the first few times you try to figure it out.

How steep is the learning curve? WELL. On one recent trip, I stayed at Excalibur because I could not resist the idea of spending $23 per night for a hotel room. (Incidentally, my Excalibur review: not terrible, but when you leave you smell like Excalibur.) Now, Excalibur is across the street from the MGM Grand, so I knew it wasn’t going to be particularly convenient. But I was curious as to how long it would actually take to get from my guest elevators at Excalibur to the MGM Grand Station. My first try, it took me 29 MINUTES. Good God. After making this trek twice a day for three days, I was able to whittle it down to 14 minutes. So for me, the learning curve = 5 to 15 minutes of extra wandering around on several trips.

What hard-won knowledge do I have to impart? They may look like similar distances, but the pedestrian bridge between the MGM Grand and New York New York was a much quicker route for me to get across the street than crossing at Flamingo. Specifically, from Excalibur, I would walk to New York New York, walk through the upper level of NYNY shops, then take the pedestrian walkway across to MGM.

The exit from the MGM Grand TO the NYNY walkway is (of course) not easy to find if you do not know where you are going. Inside MGM, look for signs for The Central, then look for signs for the Rainforest Café as you get closer. As you walk towards it, the entrance to the escalator to the bridge is almost completely obscured by the Centrifuge Bar. Because why would MGM make something easy to find, ever???

My favorite thing: I’m not sure anymore. MGM Grand kills everything that I love, like Studio 54 and the Nobhill restaurant.

Next Stop: Bally’s/Paris Station