Westgate Monorail Station

Formerly The LVH Monorail Station

monorails leave the LVH every six minutes or so

Very Convenient To: Westgate

Somewhat Convenient To: Springhill Suites, Hilton Grand Vacation Suites

Not At All Convenient To: Riviera (Especially since The Riviera was imploded in 2016.)

My Westgate Monorail Station Experience:
Staying at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton aka LVH) and taking the Las Vegas Monorail are two great tastes that go great together. When you exit the Westgate Monorail Station there is little to no confusion about where to go, and two minutes later you are inside the Westgate. Even though this couldn’t be easier, I did somehow manage to take an immediate left and enter into an area where folks were setting up for some event. But if you just keep your eyes straight ahead you will see the main entrance, and there really shouldn’t be any confusion. If you are going somewhere besides the Westgate, like across the street to the Springhill Suites, you’ll take a right upon exiting the station and walk across a bridge thing to get to Paradise Road, near the corner at Riviera Blvd. Like a bridge but it’s not.

View from the front of the LVH Casino.

Aforementioned bridge thing.

Speaking of all things Riviera, getting there looked to be a little sketchy. It appears that the most direct route by foot, after you cross Paradise, is through an alley and a parking garage. Something I personally would not want to do on a regular basis, or alone at night. The Riviera is an unexpectedly vast property, so if someone knows a better, more populated route to an entrance I don’t know about, please let me know. (Update 2017: The Riviera was recently imploded. So we are guessing there is not a better route there.)

The Riviera looks miles away from the LVH.

Helloooo innnnn there….

It is worth noting that this is the only station where I actually saw Monorail employees. One was eager to help when I told him I was writing about the monorail. He gave me a great tip, which I read about later on. He said that a lot of casino employees who work on the Strip park at the Westgate and take the monorail to work, since Strip parking can be such a nightmare. While visitors cannot take advantage of the $1 local fare like residents can, this would still be a useful tip for, say, someone staying downtown who wants to hang out on the Strip on a Saturday afternoon, yes?

Colorfully painted Westgate Monorail Station ticket booth.

Westgate also has the most attractive ticket booth. No one was in it, but still.

Please note that the Hilton Grand Vacations Suites on Karen Ave is very close to the Westgate Station, like .2 miles. However, I do not feel comfortable listing it under “Very Convenient To” because I frankly did not think to walk there, and on the map it looks like you may have to cut through some grass and walk through a parking lot. I’ll be sure to investigate further next trip!

Map from LVH to Hilton Grand Vacation Suites.

It’s more fun to imagine if you picture yourself like Frogger.

One last thing…this is neither here nor there, but couldn’t they have spent a little more money on the sign for the Westgate?! It looks like they put a giant piece of masking tape over the LVH.

Westgare monorail rolls into the gate

I mean, COME ON.

My Favorite Thing: Barry Manilow, when he used to play here.

Next Stop: SLS Monorail Station