Las Vegas Monorail Facts – There’s Hardly Any Benches

Have you been walking around Vegas all day, sightseeing at the casinos? Maybe you have been working a convention, standing all day at a booth. Either way, I bet you’d like to rest your tired dogs and take a load off while you wait for the next Las Vegas Monorail train. That’s too bad, because there’s hardly any benches.

there are very few seats at Las Vegas monorail stations

This is the only one.

Why is there such a lack of benches at the Las Vegas monorail stops? No one knows. There is, at the most, two or three at each station. If you do see an empty bench, which is akin to spotting Nessie, be sure to grab it right quick! Then, if you see an elderly person, be sure to give up your bench right quick, or everyone will think you’re a jerk.