Flamingo Station

colorful nighttime shot of Flamingo las Vegas

Not the actual Flamingo Station, of course…that’s in back and far less photogenic.

Very Convenient To: Flamingo, Hilton Grand Vacation Suites

Somewhat Convenient To: Caesars Palace, Westin Las Vegas Hotel

This stop is the shortest distance from other stops and truly is solely for the Flamingo and Caesar’s Palace (just about).
If you are going to the Forum Shops at Caesar’s, wait and get off at Harrah’s/The Linq Station.

My Flamingo Station Experience:
My first experience with the Flamingo Station was walking from the strip in front of the Flamingo TO the monorail stop, not the other way around. I entered the big ol’ shiny and glittery iconic Flamingo entrance and was almost immediately greeted by a sign for the monorail.

plain jane sign for the Flamingo Station

Thanks, sign!

I followed the sign, walked through the Flamingo shops area and marveled at how easy and well-marked this stop seemed to be. Then I noticed that the very last sign before you exit the casino has no mention of the monorail whatsoever. My marveling ceased. If you find yourself in that situation, just keep following signs for the parking garage and that should keep you headed in the right direction. It felt like kind of a long walk once I was outside, still headed to the monorail with the Flamingo pool on my left side. However, I made it to the Flamingo Station entrance a cool eight minutes after entering the Flamingo, so it can’t have been that long after all.

When you arrive at Flamingo Station on the monorail there is pretty much only one way to go when you exit. You have a five to ten minute walk to your guest elevator if you are staying there.

Observant observers will note that on the monorail, the announcements call this the Flamingo/Caesar’s Palace stop. Which makes it the only monorail station partially named for a casino across the street. I guess Caesar’s is such a gargantuan institution and a destination in itself, that makes sense. It doesn’t make it convenient, however. If you are taking the monorail with the goal of going somewhere specific at Caesar’s Palace, you definitely want to have a general idea of where your destination is located inside Caesar’s. You have a few choices of where to cross the street, and they are pretty far apart. If you are headed to the Shadow Bar or the Colosseum in Caesar’s, for example, you’d want to cross the street at the northern end of the Flamingo hotel, near Margaritaville. If you are headed back to your room in the Octavius tower at Caesar’s, you’d want to cross at the southern end of the Flamingo hotel at Flamingo Road, by the old Barbary Coast/Bill’s Gambling Hall/whatever it is called nowadays.

My Favorite Thing: Battista’s Hole in the Wall where you know they have unlimited house wine!

Next Stop: Harrah’s/The Linq Station