Bally’s Paris Station

Colorful Bally's Monorail Station sign has since been demolished.

Ah…the way we were.

Very Convenient To: Bally’s, Paris

Somewhat Convenient To: Planet Hollywood

Not At All Convenient To: Bellagio, Ellis Island, Aria, Vdara, Crystals, Cosmopolitan, Mandarin Oriental, Super 8. And yes, it really tickles me to list Ellis Island next to Bellagio.

This stop may be called Bally’s Paris Station, but it is at Bally’s. I REPEAT, THE STOP IS AT BALLYs. You must walk through Bally’s to get to Paris or anywhere else.

My Bally’s Paris Station Experience:
The learning curve at the Bally’s Paris Station can be a little steep. Not MGM kind of steep, but still not particularly easy. My first time exiting the monorail, I timed how long it took me to get to Napoleon’s Piano Bar in the Paris. It took me fourteen minutes. On subsequent trips, I got it down to eight minutes. See? Learning curve.

To get anywhere after exiting the monorail, you must walk through the strange corridor that is Bally’s Avenue Shops, a place that was oddly deserted even in the middle of the afternoon. There are some Bally’s guest elevators on the other side of the shops, a mere four minutes from the monorail stop. The gateway to the Paris is just a minute or two beyond that, but you have to walk a bit further to get anywhere you want to go, such as Le Village Buffet or the casino. My next destination was the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile shops. This was a disappointing 22 minutes from the Bally’s Paris Station. Disappointing because, as so often happens in Vegas, PH is right next door and looks so darn close to Paris!

My next trip to the Bally’s Paris station, I decided to time how long it takes to get to the pretty lobby at Bellagio, always a popular attraction. Unlike Planet Hollywood, I was under no illusions that this would be close. I took copious notes for this part of the walk which are now worthless because Bally’s went and knocked down their iconic moving walkway. The plan is, of course, to build more shops. I will miss this colorful bit of Strip topography. More importantly, I now have no idea how long it takes to get to the Bellagio lobby or the quickest way to get there. However, it took 35 minutes before the demolition of the walkway. So with construction involved, I think it is safe to say the Bellagio lobby is NOT CONVENIENT to the Bally’s Paris Station. If your ultimate destination is the Aria, pack a lunch: you’ve got to walk those 35 minutes, then through the entire Bellagio and upstairs to the free tram.

If you are walking from Paris TO the monorail, prepare for some confusion your first time out. The Paris casino does not have any signs for the monorail that I could see.

Paris casino has no signs for the monorail station

No mention of Le Monorail.

Instead, follow signs for Le Boulevard. This will lead you past Paris shops and restaurants and will gradually lead you right to Bally’s. Now here is where I got really confused and took a 100% wrong turn. Peep this:

Bally's Paris Station sign is confusing

I guess I’m just more of a vertical thinker.

I guess I’m the idiot here, but I absolutely though that the places listed on the left part of the sign matched up with the left arrow. NOT SO. Each horizontal line of text matches up with one arrow. Get it? To reach the monorail, you want to take a right. Kind of a 45 degree right. You’ll pass through part of the casino and through those aforementioned weird Bally’s Avenue Shops and voila, Bally’s Paris Station!

Bally's Paris station is creepy at night

And what a welcome station it is. That’s not creepy at all.

My Favorite Thing: The opera singing waiter at Provencal and oh my god they closed yet another Vegas restaurant that I love!!!

Next Stop: Flamingo/Caesars Station