The Las Vegas Monorail is a great way to get around, once you get the facts. It is clean, fast and convenient. It’s also reasonably priced, if you buy the right pass. And of course, it protects you from the stinking hot desert weather while you navigate the Las Vegas Strip. However, if you think the Las Vegas Monorail is going to take you everywhere you want to go in Vegas, you are sorely mistaken.

Does the Las Vegas Monorail go to and from McCarran International Airport? No, it does not. Is it convenient to Wynn Las Vegas or The Cosmopolitan? Not so much. Use our Vegas monorail map to see exactly where the monorail stops. Then check out the informational pages for each individual stop to read our real world experience and see how far the monorail really is from your favorite Las Vegas hotels.

Does it ever make sense to take a cab instead of the Las Vegas monorail? Sure, depending on where you are going and how many people are in your party. Check out our Las Vegas Monorail FAQs to see the prices for different passes and decide what makes the most sense for you.

We think you’ll love the convenience of the Las Vegas Monorail, once you are armed with our accurate, unbiased Vegas Monorail information and helpful tips. Peruse our site and soon you’ll be ready to Ride the Rail!